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Jester's Links

The Dailywav
This is a cool page visit it almost everyday for new wav files, You can make requests too.
Quami's Lair of Insanity
This is My Friend Ashwats page, he's obsessed with his girlfriend and hockey but he's a real nice guy.
Baby Cha Cha
You hae to of heard of this Baby Cha cha, it is a dancing baby but it's really cool go check it out
Totally Red
This is a page about my favourite REAL FOOTBALL (soccer) team, Manchester United
Calvinwize's page
This is Stauffers page, it's pretty cool. Go check it out
Soccernet Manchester Utd
This is another good, updated everyday page about my favourite soccer team Manchester United
Mevins page
This is my girlfriends cousins page, it's pretty cool, go check it out.


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