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Jester's Animal Animations: Many animals from Cheetas and Crabs to Tigers and Treefrogs
Jester's Cartoon Animations: Cartoon animations from popular show's such as "The Simpsons" "Bevis and Butthead" and even "The Pink Panther"
Jester's Computer Game Character Animations: Various popular computer game character animations
Jester's Love Animations: From Hearts to weird creatures falling in love animations
Miscellaneous Animations: The left over cool looking animations that didn't really fit into any catagory
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Don't you wish you could have a Genie that threw money at you?(I was gonna start with something like that but it sounded really dumb) So i'll just say go see my wide selection on Animations and decorate you're Webpage. I'm sure you will find something appropriate whatever you're interest.

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If you want to download any of the Animations on this page, then simply put the cursor over the animation that you want and press the right mouse button. When you do this a list will appear click the option that says "Save image as" or words to that effect and then just download it. It's that easy!

Once you have got all the Animations you need from a page section just click back on your browser to return to the Animation Achives.

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