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Welcome to the Jester Asylum!! This page has been created for your viewing pleasure, weather you like it or not. Just humor me and tell me you do, because if you don't like it, it's tough poop!........ Enough of the crap now i'll get to what you people want to know, Whats my page all about????....well let me tell you. This page contains many different things, some of these things you may find useful if you have your own webpage. I have a large and resonably fast growing Animations Archive, very useful to give you're page a little sparkle. Feel free to take whatever you want and send me stuff i don't have......... This page can be used to help you learn British slang words, with my extensive English-American Dictionary, which can be found very humorous, b/c of the same words meaning totally different things.(Ex. Fag in england means Cigarette, but fag in America means homosexual) Go check it out for many more........ Finally there is a section about the creator Matt Jenkins, where you will find out everything you could ever want to know about me, but probably more stuff you didn't....... I am contemplating starting a quote of the week or day page. So drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think......... Enjoy my page and please sign my guestbook. Nedstat Counter


British Lingo
This is the section of my page about..... You guessed it British lingo, Where you will find a very funny dictionary. Updated atleast weekly with new words all the time.
Jester's Links
This is my links page, If you have any cool links or you would like me to link your page then please let me know.
This is my Favorite section of my page, because it's all about me. Yes it does contain a picture, but you better not laugh, or i'll have to um do something mean.(j/k)
Jester's Animations Archive
Just Click the above link to visit my NEW, HUGE and fast growing ANIMATION ARCHIVE. You'll find all the ANIMATIONS you could ever want and more.
Jester's Awards
This page shows all the Awards I have won for my web page, If you'd like to give me an award or nominate me it would be greatly appreciated.

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